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Honeymoon Phase 1: Germany

Several weeks after our wedding, now that the family is gone and we are a bit settled into the new home it was definitely time for our honeymoon!
Bags packed, ready to go! (One guess which is mine!)

On to the first of many flights and the 1st stop, Wurzburg, Germany!

Germany was nothing that I expected.  I always thought the language was harsh, and so would be the people and that the food wasn't good, and I will be the first to admit how wrong as was!

From the moment we got off the plane the people were so sweet and the language was soft and pretty.

And the food? Don't get me started! Amazing!

I thought this was funny in the airport, I guess the see their women as being rather large!
 So what was there to do in Wurzburg? Visit this beautiful castle!  After the most fairy tale wedding a visit to a castle just seemed right!

Here it is in the distance behind us.
 Here it is from the town (which was super cute by the way)
Close up
In the town for some shopping, eating and sight seeing!

As you can imagine, I took WAY more photos than I am posting here, one day when I feel up to it I will post all to facebook.

And no, Germany was not perfect, but almost, I had no idea how much Europeans smoke! Geez! I really can't stand cigarette smoke! But other than that... pure amazingness!

Signing out from Denmark! (Yes, we are now in Denmark!...and it is beautiful here as well!)


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