Monday, April 9, 2012

Water Baby

It was earlier than I usually do, and I normally like babies 1st swim to be in the ocean, but Florida was just too cold.
Luckily the hot tub  was the perfect warm temperature that she likes having her baths in so we decided to go for it!
She absolutely LOVED her swim! That Jamaican blood! Lol!

The swim completely wore her out! She slept for the remainder of our time at the pool (which was nice so we could relax together in the hot tub).
 I get the feeling she is going to have many, MANY more pool days!

I love that she has so much hair, and its growing quickly as well.  I was finally able to clip a little bow in it, what a cutie!!  Look at her gorgeous eyes, I love my little angel.


  1. She is a beautiful baby , she has Her father genes no dout about that .Daddys little girl no dout she is and well be for ever . Watch out Bec, she is number ONE now baby (smile) FANTASTIC ,happy for you both .

  2. She's just like her cousin Kiara. They can't help it... They are both Pieces... Which is a fish!