Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Georgia Snow Day

It was forecasted that we would have up to one inch of snow so the kids all came home early and played outside with their friends.

As time went by it kept snowing and snowing and snowing! Three and a half inches later the ENTIRE city was shut down.
Kids weren't coming home from school either stuck at school for the night or stuck in the school bus for many hours.

I was shocked, and disgusted to see how many people were making fun of what was happening in GA.  No, we weren't prepared, no one expected this.  Snow melted and froze, the roads were all ice.

People complaining about the stores closing when it is admirable that managers were being thoughtful about there employees.

People that have moved here from very cold regions say they are used to it but have NEVER seen anything like this.  When you say you can drive in the snow you mean on clear roads with snow plows if necessary and probably snow tires as well.

Even with everyones negativity it was so nice to see how our community stuck together ad took care of each other.  People inviting strangers to stay in their homes,  people walking out to the roads bringing people food, businesses opening their doors and allowing people to sleep there.  Everyone praying for their family, friends, neighbours an anyone that may have been in an unsafe situation.  This is what community and simple humanity is about.  I hope that all of you that made jokes about GA are ashamed of yourselves.

Anyway, we were lucky enough to enjoy the day together.

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