Monday, January 27, 2014

At The Races

Since we were in Dubai last year we missed what was supposed to be Ethan's 1st Pinewood Derby race.

It's a little nerve racking having 2 boys in the race, you want to make sure they both win something so the other isn't upset.
I was thrilled to see that they both won trophies this year.

And of course Amalia kept holding up Ethan's trophy and car cheering, then if he tried to take it from her she would say, "No! Mine!!"

So happy they can have this time with John.

The gentleman that was in charge this year brought the car he made with his dad 40 years ago, and his dad comes every year.

It's beautiful and inspiring to see this tradition being passed down, and I hope the boys will have all their cars to show their sons and will build cars with them one day.

The boys cars are the silver minecraft ones.

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