Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Boys Birthday

With all the time that I was spending going back and forth to Orlando and taking care of Daddy I had no time to plan a birthday party, presents NOTHING!

The boys took care of me when I was falling to pieces when Daddy wasn't doing well.  They would literally pick me off the floor together and help me walk when I couldn't find the strength to get up.
Of course John and Amalia were there too, but John had to take care of Amalia while these sweet, special, selfless boys did everything they could for me.

John and I decided that since they deserve the world and have been incredibly understanding when I told them I had absolutely nothing planned, we booked a family trip to Jamaica!!

The day Mummy came to Atlanta for their birthday Kaiden asks, "Can Richard spend the night?"  Well it is the least I could do on their birthday weekend, right? So now Ethan needs a friend to stay over.  Then I throw all the cards in the air and say, "Okay that's it.  I am inviting all your friends, all the boys can stay the night and Mummy you watch the kids we have 2 hours till a party!!"  So John and I run out get a cake, order pizza and put together a poster board for the big surprise.  Their ENTIRE party was a Jamaican theme, the party was for the big reveal of their main gift.

We had the kids and their friends take photos with a Jamaican back drop and figures with dread locks.

At the very end it was the boys to take a photo together and we stuck a sign on it saying, "we are going to Jamaica!"

So all their friends saw it while they thought they were just taking a picture and their friends read it to them.  They were so excited!!!!

We re-watched all our past vacations since and are looking forward to going.

I then of course had time to do some shopping and got them gifts anyway so they got the trip, the party AND the presents!

We couldn't dream up more deserving kids I love you boys with all my heart.

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