Friday, April 22, 2011

Speed Up the Clock!!!!

Becca said I would probably never add anything to this, but I couldn't sleep and I had to prove her wrong (which doesn't happen often!) so here goes...

First off she has done an amazing job on setting this blog up and designing the site. She is so talented in so many ways and I love how this has turned out and even though we live together and see each other all the time, I love reading her posts to see her take on things. It's very cool.

As you saw in her last entry, she left yesterday to Jamaica to see her Mom and Grandmother who is very sick one last time and to also see old friends. I had too many work things to take care of to be able to go... but NEVER again I can promise you that! I miss her so bad. She comes back Monday so it is a fairly short trip but it seems like its been a month already. (Seriously) We have never been apart this long and for those of you who know us we have one of those very cool relationships where we are together almost all the time and we love it! Monday really can't come soon enough! Its like part of me is missing, plus the boys are with Jesse so its just me here which has been so weird and just seems wrong! Can someone speed up the clock until Monday? Please!!!!

This is what we should be doing right now....

Or better yet this!!! DWL!

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