Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jamaica Part 1

We finally made it back to Jamaica!
I like to go at least once a year but last year with the new baby and the move it was impossible.

We actually came up with a plan to surprise the boys, we told them we were dropping John at the airport for a business meeting and when we got there we told them that we were heading to Jamaica!

It is so refreshing to disconnect from everything.
We made it the first week with no internet, then finally we broke, and it turns out we weren't missing out on anything.

I took 800 photos so I figured the best way to post is to do it in stages so here goes, stage one.

Beach days were so beautiful and relaxing, never rained once.  Nothing like afternoon naps in the hammock while the boys played laser tag, scuba diving, game room, olympic swimming competitions, pizza making, and much  more.
 We all had the best time at a gorgeous resort making memories none of us will ever forget, except Amalia, but I was sure to capture every moment so she can see it one day.

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