Monday, August 5, 2013

Jamaica: The Cousins

The reason I go to Jamaica all the time is for obvious reasons such as it is where I am from, it's gorgeous, it's fun but most of all because I want my boys to know where I came from, learn the culture and most importantly get to know their cousins.
Family is very important to me.

I was in absolute heaven, really, pure bliss with my sweet little cousins.
Unfortunately a few couldn't make it but we still enjoyed our time with these sweethearts.

Ella was so precious, she kept saying, "my cousins, my cousins! I want to play with my cousins!"
And little Aura always wanted to swim, I call her "swimsuit" because she walked around saying swimsuit all the time.

Everyone says that Aura and Amalia look alike, and I agree!!

Ethan loves Uncle Daniels first thing he does every time is run out back and lay with the dogs for hours, he's so sweet with animals.

                                                           Outdoor Shower

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