Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Benhams In The Big Apple

For Memorial Day this weekend this year we decided to visit my sister in New York.
Mummy told me she was going a few months back so we decided I would go with the baby and we decided to surprise my little sister and have John and the boys come too!

While we were there we got a message from my "Dubai Mummy" Denise that she was in New York at the time (New York is where "home" is for her).
It was FANTASTIC seeing her, I may have shed a tear saying good bye.

I have been to New York before but it was the "chauffeured" experience.
This time we did it real New York style, subways.
They are just as, er, interesting as my sister described!
And her apartment was adorable! I am so proud of my sister!
And her boyfriend Ashley is so prefect for her, it was nice getting to know him better.

We got to light a candle at a cathedral for Rachael. =)

Anyway, here are a few pics of the Benhams in New York!!

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  1. so cute! Amalia looks wrecked by the big city