Thursday, May 9, 2013

He's Amazing

Yesterday I was a little sad when Ethan came home and told me that the kids at school don't believe in "the force" and that they say mean things and he said he thought they didn't like him anymore because he won't agree with them.

You see, we have been using "the force" with him to keep him from complaining, to show that if he is happy and positive "the force" will give him more reasons to be happy and positive etc.
The force has also made him become smarter in school!
So I am proud of him for standing his ground, but my heart broke for people making him feel different for believing in it.

So today, as we do from time to time, John and I went to have lunch with him at school.  We were talking to him and John said, "So which one of these boys don't believe in the force?"
I saw where this was going!
We explained to the boys that the reason they cannot use the force is because they are not being taught, they needed to be taught by a jedi, and Ethan is a padawan learner that's why he can't move things yet.
John then started doing magic tricks and had the ENTIRE class in awe!  We have made believers of these little 1st graders!

That teaches them to mess with our kid! Yesterday he was the lowest on the totem pole today he is on the top.  He doesn't care, he believes in what he believes and stands by it, but as a  mother you don't ever want other kids to treat your kid as though they are different.

See, this is why I love John.  Not only this reason, but what mother cannot adore a man that loves her, and her children to pieces?  I am so happy I have him, I am so happy the kids have him.  Every child deserves a father like him.

Love you John.  And thank you for being so amazing.

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