Sunday, June 17, 2012

Newly Weds

As expected it has been pure bliss since the I-do's.
Actually, not that much has changed except the smiles we exchange when we refer to each other as "husband" or "wife".
A friend of mine that couldn't make the wedding was in town and offered to take some photos of us, she did an amazing job!
I am only sorry the boys weren't here to be a part of it! (Though they were probably thrilled since they get annoyed with me always wanting photos!)

Even though we are so unbelievably happy we have so many things to look forward to right now.  Very exciting times ahead for our family, so stay tuned!!

P.S.  Did I mention I love this man?  Well, I do, very much.  And Happy Fathers Day! (Fathers Day Blog under construction)

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