Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Ready

I have so many photos that is why I have had to do so many posts leading up to the wedding.
From one Aunt I uploaded 633 photos (that would be you Aunty Susan!)
I have photos here and there from friends and family.

It was so exciting waking up on our wedding day.
My flower girl kept whispering to me, "I'm getting nervous Aunty Becca."
My response was of course, "So am I!"
Kindle kept saying, "This is how a wedding day is supposed to be, so calm and happy."

And she was right, it was perfect.

Me and the bridesmaids, flower girl and Mummy and my Aunts met up to get ready.

Arriving at the venue.
                                          What greets us at the entrance
                               I will definitely need this handkerchief!

                            Finishing touches.                                           

I have been writing a journal for 2 and a half years for a wedding gift for John (yes, I knew early on I was going to marry him).  I had the boys come over from the guys wing to bring it to him as a surprise.
                                             Reading his journal.

Now we are all ready to be Mr. and Mrs. John Benham!!

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