Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Look What I've Become

Yep, I am officially a "Soccer Mom."
I knew it would happen eventually since the boys love soccer, especially Ethan.
Kaiden did soccer when he was really little but it wasn't the same.

At the end of their game Ethan was upset and crying saying he wanted to go back to Dubai because "these kids" didn't know how to play properly.
I am trying to explain that American kids don't play soccer like European kids, he doesn't want to hear it.
He played every single day on the beach in Dubai with his friends, who were GREAT players, that he learnt a lot from.  He takes soccer so seriously because he is so good at it, by far the best on the field.

Kaiden is more content playing goalie, he has never been very aggressive, he's more the golfing type but enjoys soccer as well.

And then of course their little teddy bear cheer leader, this girl loves her brothers!!

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