Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blast From The Past

I know all my friends remember this, Archie comics!
I remember the many hours I logged reading this at home, on the beach, laying out at the pool, in trees, with friends, with family, Archie was a big part of my childhood.

I would also sit down and practice drawing the characters over and over again.

Now look who is reading them! Kaiden.  He loves it.  Now I get to read Archie comics with my son.

How do they grow so fast?

When did this happen?

This is the weirdest stage so far for me with the kids.

On one side Kaiden is a little kid and on the other hand he is turning into a teenager.

It is fun doing the things that I used to love with him, I am glad they still sell these comics and I am so happy he likes them too.

I am still in disbelief about how big he is.  He brought jeans to me the other day and said, "Mummy, did you buy me new jeans?"  I said, "no".
I looked at them and they were mine!  We wear the same size socks, I could fit his t-shirts since he was 6, now he is almost 9.
I am so happy I have spent every moment possible with him, and my other children.
I have zero regrets.
I love who they are and who they are becoming.
They are independent, caring, mature, fun, loving, positive,s sweet and happy children.

Since he was born I have been thinking, "One day he will move out".
With that in mind always I try to prepare them the best I can for that moment, and spend as much time possible with them.
I want to continue to have no regrets and feel secure when the day comes that they are on their own.

All these thoughts brought on by an Archie comic!

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