Friday, August 24, 2012

1st Date Night in Dubai

Okay, I am IN LOVE with Dubai!
I though it was pretty good, but last night, I am still gushing over.

Simply, perfection.

Okay, now let me stop talking about John and get to telling you what you really want to hear about, Dubai.  Lol.

I think it was by the marina where we went.  We had a friend of ours maids come watch the kids (can't wait to get our own!).  Amalia of course came with us (I am still breastfeeding, and this baby refuses to eat food).
So off we go.  This place was in a hotel, a very large, lavish hotel. There is a shopping area, I don't dare call it a mall.  Its indoors but they make it appear as though it is outdoors and it is beautiful.  Shame on me for not taking photos.  I have been so lost in this new experience that I don't always pull out the camera to capture every amazing thing.

I did get a few though.

We ate at a really nice Indian restaurant.  Okay, so I think this is the coolest thing.  Yes it was decorated impeccably, but when we sat on a couch looking thing we realized it was suspended from the air! Amazing.  Then, yes, there's more, when the food came out they came and got Amalia and disappeared with her so we could enjoy a romantic dinner together! I could get used to this!

This last picture was so sweet to me.  We went somewhere else for desert and Amalia was sleeping and we looked over and saw this teeny hand.  I love this girl.
Amazing night.  I am loving this so far.  As I'm typing this I'm skyping with Mummy Bowen.  Best of all worlds.

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