Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Big Farewell

As you all know we have moved to Dubai! And since we have been so busy with the move... and a total of 30hrs travel time, I am only now having time to get caught up on the blog.

Before we left we on course tried to see all our friends and family (who I miss incredibly by the way).

Here Amalia is with her Grandparents.  Daddy came from Florida, we visited Johns parents, and Mummy, well, the last 5 weeks she practically moved in, and when possible worked from home... our home.  So did my sister Bianca.
 Bye friends *waaahhh*
 Kids say bye
Everything was surreal, packing, saying good bye, didn't feel real, it still doesn't.

The first hardest goodbye was Daddy, and the second was Mummy and Binx.  Every time I thought of them when we were on the plane I cried.  The boys would just come over and hug me.  

I'm doing well now because skype and facetime makes it seem like they are in my living room everyday.

The last night Mummy and Binky stayed the night.  
Mummy and Binx, this will be hard without you.  I miss you so much already.  <3  Hope you don't mind me posting our "no makeup" pic, but I'm sure you knew paparazzi me would!

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  1. :( I miss you too....... sigh.. xoxoxoxo