Monday, August 27, 2012

Days in Dubai

I spend my days hanging out with Amalia, the boys just play with each other, with their 3ds-es and i-touches and watch Disney channel.
When John is at work I do not like to go out, and with there being a mini mart downstairs where I can get just about anything I may need.
So this is what my day looks like before John gets home.

And then I go into Kaiden and Ethans room and find this...
A picture really is worth a thousand words! lol

We have been looking for a more permanent place to live in the evenings, look how amazing this is! And I just love the twisted building.
And then I just had to take the kids for ice cream at this indoor- made to look like outdoor shopping area.

This is the actual outdoors of this indoor/outdoor shopping area.

Today when John gets back its back to house shopping! I think we have already found a place but we want to look more just to be sure.
And just look at these faces! I love the faces she makes! My pretty baby.

What I miss most about America? PUBLIX!!!! I miss all the options.  A lot.  I love to cook, but here I HATE cooking.  Most of my seasonings are being shipped and nothing tastes quite the same, not even oreos.  Grrrrr.  Mummy, you going to have to send me barrel!!! 


  1. I love Ethans bed! LOL!!!!!!!!

    1. Right! And you see how Kaidens bed has been slid over a bit? Its because Ethan keeps jumping from bed to bed and slides it out of place! Poor Kaiden! Soon they will have their own rooms though! 2 more weeks, think we found a place tonight

  2. Great pictures you two! So proud of you John! You and Becca are doing it BIG!!! Take care. P.S. The baby is really realy growing fast!

    Paul Hubbard

    1. Too fast! Dont remind me! And thank you. =)