Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

It's so funny how Mother's Day makes me think about my kids and our family more than I already do.
What perfect gentlemen our boys are.  How smart and spunky our daughter is.  How lucky I am to be a mother, and how perfect John and I are together in raising this special bunch of kids.

It's so nice to see so much love and hard work manifested in our life daily, layers unfolding as we watch them grow into everything we dream for them to be.

Anyway, we went to Sea Island and had a friend of the boys and his Mom come with us.  I don't have that many pics because I was mostly enjoying our time there and forgetting about the camera.

Thank John for an amazing weekend at one of my favorite places, it's beginning to feel like a second home to me there.  I am pretty sure I had a "shift" in my being bonding with nature, the sea and the earth, and all of you while we were there.
And my boys made me the most precious gifts/books/cards and they most special hugs and lots of love.

I love my family!

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