Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Boys Double Birthday

Since the boys birthdays are only 2 days apart its always a whirlwind and then it's suddenly over.

On Kaiden's birthday he was in a State Science competition which took up most of the day, then we rushed over to a friends for a crawfish boil.

 The in between day we had a surprise party for them.  After church John took them to a movie and me and my sister set up the decorations, all their friends cam and we waited.

When they came in through the garage I counted to 3 and we all jumped up yelling, "SURPRISE!!!"

They were much more surprised than I even expected and it got to the point where I was worried about Kaiden.
He clutched his heart with one hand, grabbed the kitchen counter with the other and tried to catch his breath.  It was so cute and funny but after 4 minutes and he was still holding his heart and closing his eyes and breathing heavy I started to worry.
Luckily he was fine.  When I asked what he thought he said, "Murderers!!"

And then there is Ethan's Birthday.  After school his friends came over for cupcakes, then swim practice,  followed by us taking him out for his favorite food, pizza.

And now I get to relax until next year.
 (Probably not, I always have lots of plans for our family.)

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