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The Biggest, Tallest, Most Extravagant EVERYTHING

We made it out to the largest mall in the world.  It is of course conveniently located beside the tallest building in the world,
which is beside the largest water display in the world.
Dubai holds back on nothing and makes all other cities seem like they are in the stone ages.
Where do I begin?
We were out shopping for furniture all day and wanted to end up somewhere that the kids would enjoy as well, The Dubai Mall.
Then we pull up in front of the tallest building in the world.  It is even fun watching it from a distance as you drive up because you can really see just how much taller it is than all other buildings.
Look at the "baby" buildings beside it.
It is spectacular.  You do not really understand how amazing it is until you see it up close and personal.

We head on into the mall.  GORGEOUS.
They have huge stores with few displays, marble floors and exquisite chandeliers.  And the displays, amazing.  AMAZING.
As we are walking through the mall there's Red Lobster, California Pizza Kitchen (which is in every mall) and I think 498 more restaurants.  Yes, the mall has 500 restaurants.
All malls also have Bebe, Bath and Body Works, Forever 21 and many shops familiar to us in the US as well as hundreds more we have never heard of.
Oh, and did I mention baby shopping?
I was going crazy.  The "baby hall", as I call it has everything you can think of baby.  From the typical carters, osh kosh bgosh to all these top of the line fancy baby store (Fendi etc.) and everything in between.  Heaven, absolute heaven.
Okay, so we turn a corner, my eyes get big and my breath is swept away from me.  Yes, I knew it was coming, and no, I didn't think it was a big deal, but it was breath taking.  A huge aquarium right in the middle of the mall.  It is beautiful.
And when you look up the "sky" is made with the prettiest twinkling stars.
Sometimes in Dubai it feels like you are in a kids magic book.
On we keep going, Kaiden sees a sign for SEGA and he is a huge Sonic fan, so we get a map and begin the search.
I remember in GA before we moved the kids really wanted to know if there was a Chuck E Cheese in Dubai, and there is, but I get the feeling they will never want to go.
This Sega place has several rides and a full on roller coaster!! I kept Amalia while the others rode it.
I have a feeling we will be going back often.
Did I mention that there are waterfalls in the mall? Yep, there are. And we didn't even see the whole mall.

Then when we finally leave the mall, we watch the water show. The lights of the Burj Khalifa actually blink to the music.
What a day!
We have been spending so much time in the malls I actually have (shamefully) started wearing my tennis shoes.
I have lost so much weight I am down to 109lbs but not the firm kind.  I started noticing my thighs firming up and realized what was happening here.  Mall and work out in one!
I usually carry Amalia in my sling as well so I am really working as I walk around.

And to all of you loving the photos and living Dubai through me, I promise to keep them coming! Enjoy a little Target shopping for me, I actually miss it A LOT. To get school supplies I have to go to the mall.  It does get annoying.
We even grocery shop in the mall and the store is always jam packed with people.  Some times it's the simple things I miss the most.


  1. So beautiful! Dubai is on my bucket list for places I have to see one day. How is the heat now? I hope you guys are adjusting ok!

    1. The weather is still hot but cooling off a bit from when we arrived. I love waking up every morning knowing that it will never be cold or rainy.
      Their is a lot to do for families, everyone here has a family. We are adjusting well, kids start school tomorrow and are so excited! Imagine that! lol If you do come you have to let me know!


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