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A Place To Call Home

After 3 long months we finally have a permanent home!
For anyone that knows me well you know that I am a home body.
No where else I rather be.
I don't even like staying in hotels for more than a couple days.

I am so HAPPY!
Not only do I have a home, but it is on the Palm Jumeirah! Ahhh!
I remember so many years ago hearing about, and seeing pictures of an island shaped like a palm that was to be built in a city called "Dubai".
Talk about surreal.

Goodbye hotel!

Woke up this first morning and walked out to this.
Yes, that is my back porch!
Made me smile even though I was blinded by sunlight at 6am since we did not have all our curtains up yet.

  Here is my handy hubby getting curtains up.
While we were busy organizing big brother Ethan made Amalia a tent.

This picture is where my heart is.  This is how I will forever remember the night we moved in.
Now that we have moved to the palm we have gotten fancy.  Breakfast is served!
 As you can see We haven't gotten a dining table yet.
After breakfast Ethan says, :Mummy, remember Mr. Potato head?"
Me, "Yes."
Ethan, "Well here's Mr. Bacon head!"
Wow! Really Ethan? He is always coming up with something new.

 When John came home from work for the 1st time we had to check out our new back yard!
This is our building.
 The view of the beach.  You can see the Burj Al Arab from here, better known as "The Sailboat Building".
 Two side by side pools.
I have such a water baby! She kept splashing like crazy in the ocean.  Then a dip in the pool.  When we got her home I bathed her and she slept deeper than ever before!
I think we should do this every night!
I know this will embarass John (sorry), but look how great he looks! So happy he's mine. =)

Now that I have tv and internet I am really getting comfortable here.  
All I keep thinking is "I'm so happy".
I have everything.  Perfect husband, perfect kids, perfect home.
What I really need now is friends! I am working on that!

And since I know no one will get tired of this face...


  1. OMGGGGGGG!!!! Those kids melt me! Sigh..... I miss you guys. It cracks me up that all of your beach pics are at night. We need to plan a Skype date... sorry I didn't make it today... I am still at work.

    1. Its because I wait for John to come home we eat dinner then go. BUt I ventured out yesterday with the kids and got some in the day. It is also so hot early in the day we don't go out yet. I am looking out for you on skype my tonight.


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