Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday John!

A couple days ago was John's birthday! Yay!
I would like to be able to say I planned this fantastic day for him, but I can't.
Thursday is our Friday, so it starts our weekend.

I actually ventured out on my own on Wednesday to the Dubai mall to meet someone my doctor in Atlanta put me in contact with, she has a daughter 10 days older than Amalia and she just moved here as well.

I got there early to find a special gift for John.

Even though John is never a fan of gold I could not resist this gold theme we had going on.

And he loved it!

We did not have the romantic dinner we normally do.
The day did not have the "birthday" feel.
What were we doing?
Shopping! Shopping for our new home. =)
We are beyond excited about our move and have the keys but can't move until the furniture arrives.
Pretty cool birthday weekend I'd say!

And Amalia had a birthday gift up her sleeve.
On the way to the mall she said "dada"! And then she would not stop!
The whole way there over and over again "dadadadada" followed by laughter and smiles.  So sweet

I would have been upset if it wasn't his birthday since I have spent the past few weeks saying "mama" all day.

It was perfect.

Anyway, here are a few photos I snapped of the little sweetie.

This first one she posed, I think it is her "angelic" look!

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