Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Already?

I cannot believe it is November already!!
Christmas really stresses me out, it is so important to me that I get thoughtful gifts for the ones I love.
I have bought my first gift already, so that feels good, and I have a brief list of ideas already, so that feels good as well.
I need a shopping partner, everyone else works. =(

The boys had a great Halloween, there is so much candy in the house, I am pretty good at staying away from it. (Pat on back).

You can barely see my baby bump, at some point I will take a proper picture where it actually shows a little more.

Maybe you can see it more in this picture...
It's definitely smaller than expected, but the doctor says she is the exact size she should be.
  Nothing new and exciting to report really, I just wanted to get the boys Halloween pics up for those of you that have been asking for them.
And the tummy pics for those of you who have been asking for those. =)

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