Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Going through old pictures recently and donating all the kids clothes has taken me on a trip down memory lane recently.

Last year I made John a calendar and this is from the November page, I can't believe I looked like this last Thanksgiving!
This Thanksgiving I will be closer to these photos of me when I was pregnant with Kaiden and Ethan.

The human body amazes me at the things it can do!

Going through the boys baby clothes was so hard.
I almost didn't want to part with them, but I knew it was time and since we are having a girl and I only want 3 kids (I think), it was time.

I am looking forward so much to welcoming a new baby into our family.

Here's when Kaiden and Ethan were new.

I still see them both as little babies.  I love them so much!
I tell John all the time that he won't have to do anything.
I do all the night time feedings and changes, I think he likes the idea of that! lol!
I love being a mother and doing everything I can for my babies. Sleep? I can sleep when I die!
But I will never get the precious late night moments back.
We can't wait!

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