Monday, November 7, 2011

Cooking, Eating, and it Shows!

As promised I have new belly pics! =)

Over the weekend we got our Christmas photos done (yay!).
John and the boys are always so great to cooperate with me so well.

As always I spend my time cooking, and then of course eating, and as you can se from the pics it shows! lol

Here's some of last weeks dishes:

        Jamaican Chicken Soup                                                           

                         Mushroom and Burgundy Wine Fondue

Roast Pork with Home-made Macaroni, Gravy Green beans (UNcanned) Avocado Slices
Chicken Parmesan, Home-Made Marinara, Whole Wheat Pasta
                                       Tilapia Ready for the Grill!  
Curry Shrimp Over White Rice
 Surprised them with Home-made Sugar Cookies! Can you tell which is for John and Which for the boys?

I LOVE cooking for my family, I know how much they enjoy getting a healthy, tasty home-cooked meal daily.
They deserve it after a day of school and work, it's the least I can do.
I try to be as healthy as possible (want to keep him in the same shape I found him in, lol, plus I'm not ready for a double chin either),
but baking was my original love before I got into cooking, so every so often I have to pull out the flour and sugar and make it happen!

Had a relaxing weekend.  Ethan invited my sister over for a sleep over, the boys love their Inky Binky!

I am ready to get back to the flow of the week.

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