Sunday, March 16, 2014

2 Years Old!

I always do  little something special on the actual day of my kids birthdays.
For Amalia we started at 6 am with her gifts.  We spent some Mummy and2  year old time then had some cookie cake with her best friend Kinleigh when the boys got home from school.

I think her favorite word is "boys".  She is always looking for Kaiden and Ethan saying "Boys! Boys!" They are her favorites, probably because she is their favorite.

Anyway, then she did the swings, slide and trampoline with Kinleigh.

I am so happy to have these 3 little (some not so little) people in my life.

I love my "big girl" and I look forward to all the crazy, fun, sweet, special experiences we will all be sharing with her this year!

Amalia, you are loved.

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