Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Corn Maze

The cub scouts had a pack meeting at a corn maze, I have never been to a corn maze so I thought it'd be pretty cool.
I had absolutely no idea they would have a pumpkin patch, pony rides, and this jumpy thing built into the ground.
Amalia was on it being thrown around with the big kids, when she got off we saw that there was a baby one, oops! I am sure she preferred it that way anyway.

Ethan did the maze with his den 1st and was really excited to take us through it.
he whole time he was beaming with pride as he guided the family through the maze, and he was so happy to help his little sister.
As you will notice Kaiden isn't in any of the pics, he was off with his friends the entire time, he is definitely at that age now where he enjoys spending a lot of time with his friends.

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