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The Things We Forget

Living in Dubai was fun, and skype made it so much easier being away from my family but there are so many things you forget. Like how much fun it is being with my family.
 Sure skype allowed us to talk, but it is nothing close to having my mother come and stay with me for a long time.
I forgot how silly we are together.
I forgot how helpful she is.
 I did almost nothing the entire time.
 She cooked, cleaned, bathed the baby, chaufered, entertained the boys, made crazy dance videos with me and much more.

 I have believed strongly in nursing all my children and being that I am just weaning Amalia she has been with me literally 24/7 for an entire year.
Yes, that sounds crazy to some people but there is something about the bond it builds that I wouldn't give up to have "me time".
 There will be plenty me time available when she is older, right now is Mummy and Me time.
In Dubai even when we had a nanny come and help out I never left Amalia, she was just an extra pair of hands which I really needed sometimes.

 Now that the baby is 12 months and Mummy was here, hello bottle!
Okay, so it wasn't that easy, still isn't.
Being that Amalia has had maybe 12 bottles of formula in her entire life, the bottle takes some work. The point is we were able to go on our first babyless date! Yay!
 Another thing I have forgotten! It was so easy.
 I actually got to sit and eat. Yep, It's the simple things in life.
 I am actually surprised that I didn't forget how to eat with my knife and fork!

 Another first was leaving the baby with John so Mummy and I could have some girl spa time. Amazing, something I think I should do weekly, not for me, but so the baby can get used to not having me with her all the time. (Hee hee, see how sneaky and clever I am? great excuse!)
 I also got a 2nd date, the first movie we have been to in over a year!
The movie was okay, but what does that matter? We barely watched it anyway, it's just about spending time together.

 So thank you Mummy for reminding me of all these things. I had a great time with you, and without you. =)


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