Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mexican In Dubai

My husband loves Mexican food.
So of course being here it was most important that we find a restaurant that is as close as we can get to the ones back home.
Baja Fresh- eh, pretty good for mall food.
Then we got a tip that we need to go to El Chicos- eh, alright as well.  Actually, not bad at all.
A friend told me about a place called Casa Maria.
While I was out shopping for Christmas stuff I happened to see it and decided I had to go back with John.
It was definitely the closest we have found so far!
We had a fun family dinner then strolled around Green Community.
It is an area with villas and its so so green.
Of course we live in the desert so lots of grass and trees is not that common.
There were many water features and it was a bit magical with pretty lights, kinda like a fairy forest.
Unfortunately no pics of that though.

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