Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eid in Abu Dhabi

Last weekend was a holiday weekend here in Dubai.  Eid.
I am not really sure what Eid is, but it seems to be important to them... and fun for us!
We went to Abu Dhabi for the first time, my friend Frances lives there and since it was a long weekend, it was perfect timing!
On Wednesday, the day before we left, Amalias tooth broke!!!
Ahhh! Impossible to get photos of it right now though.
And any day now the other one will break, I am sure before the end of the weekend.

This last picture is of Kaiden.  He looked SO cute in his race gear, I regret not getting a picture of him but my friend had the camera. =(
Racing was so much fun, except that I hate to drive.
I haven't driven in months.  These little cars were no joke!
And as expected John came first!! My own personal speed racer. =)
My arm muscles hurt for days after.
Next time we go to Abu Dhabi we will have to do Ferrari world.  That city is all about its racing!

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