Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life Goes On

Amalia is 2 and a half weeks now.  I am learning her personality and it is so much fun getting to know her.  She is a real chill baby but I have definitely spoilt her quite a bit.  She is held... all the time.  All the money spent on these contraptions that she refuses to stay in.
She was born on a GREAT sleep schedule but her newborn photo shoot threw her off for 2 days but we got her back on it.  She goes to sleep around 6:30 and wakes up at 5:30 am, waking up just for quick feedings in the night.
We have been busy.  I can't lay around hanging out with her all the time, especially weekend because of Kaiden and Ethan, so we have been out and about from time to time keeping these boys entertained.  Life goes on after baby.
 Red cheeks from the pool

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