Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcoming Fall

I had a busy week last week babysitting my friends 4 month old daughter, totally tiring.  It was fun seeing how the boys reacted to a baby, I was very impressed!
They are so helpful.  It is going to be so different from the last time when I had a newborn and 2 year old.

  I did manage to get all my indoor fall decorations up in time for the first day of fall (yay!).  And what better way to kick off fall then a cub scout camp out?!

I LOVE camping.  It's so much fun and I sleep so much better outdoors.  Something about the fresh air and night sounds lure me straight to sleep.

                                                 Johns and his little Buddy

                                                  S'mores! Yummm!

                                                     Little Scout.

                                   Fight with the bush (I think the bush won)
For the most part the boys disappeared playing "manhunt" and getting stuck in the mud.  They came back and checked in every so often, usually when they needed something .). They are such good boys.

Overall it was a fun campout, including the mud, spiders, more mud, and more spiders.

We made it home Sunday in time for a nap, the pool and the kids STILL had energy to help John and I make home-made pizza!! Delish!
Ready for the oven.

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