Monday, September 12, 2011

Precious Moments

This past weekend was Johns Birthday weekend.  I had a hard time thinking of something special, then a simple idea came to me... road trip!! We went to Savannah and Tybee Island with the boys to enjoy his special weekend outside of Atlanta.

I'm not usually the road trip type but the boys have always handled it well and since John and I have been road tripping the past few years it has really been growing on me, I guess it's the company that makes the drive as fun as the destination.

Riverstreet is always fun, of course the boys focused on the candy store and the ice cream shop, I can't lie, recently I have a sweet tooth as well!

Brothers and Best Friends, They enjoyed every moment...

We all did, and along the way we got quite a few cute pics of our "precious moments" .
 Next stop... Tybee Island!!!

It was so relaxing spending hours on the beach, there was a nice cool breeze the whole time as though God knew how perfect I wanted his Birthday weekend to be, and because John is so deserving, my wish was granted!

The boys of course found friends immediately and spent a lot of time in the ocean and playing in the sand, nothing better than to see the ones I love the most being happy.

John being John always squeezes in some play time with the kids... And me being me always representing JAMAICA everywhere we go.

I was so worried about sharks.  Being from an island where the water is clear blue and shark attacks are non-existent the brown muggy water really worries me, and lo and behold a fisherman catches a shark!!

Ok guys, one more pic and we are OUT OF HERE!! lol
We promised Ethan we would stop by the lighthouse on the way home.
Everything was so perfect! The boys crashed on the way home, even though I was exhausted I stayed awake the whole time since John and I never seem to run out of fun things to talk about.  The boys and I came up with a cute, but simple surprise ending for John, when we got back we did sparklers.

John performing for the kids.
Just when you think everything couldn't be more perfect, we get the boys in bed and we lay down and looks like little baby had one last surprise for his/her Daddy... he felt the baby move for the first time. =)  One last "Precious Moment" to complete a perfect weekend.

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