Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Adventures

We have had a long exhausting weekend.   I think I finally crashed after it all at about 7:30 last night.

Friday we started off early after dropping the boys to school we went straight to the lake.

Had lots of fun with my sister, Shenelle and Seth.  Im not a fan of lake water but it was really refreshing!

Saturday was little 5 points to meet up with a friend for lunch, I always love the vibe down there, minus the massive population of homeless people that keeps on growing.

Then to my friends wedding reception.  He had the wedding in Jamaica, reception here.  Was good to see everyone again and eat some really good Jamaican food! Yummmm, Im still thinking about it!

(The pic is dark because my camera was dying so the flash wouldn't work)

Sunday, of course being that it seems like the absolute end of summer made sense to do the lake again!! A friend invited us on his houseboat so we spent the day out there.

 (Waiting for the shuttle)

The kids went CRAZY! They had their 2 favorite things, hot tub and water slide.

John and the kids disappeared most of the time, I think I heard something about 007 missions... I was called to come and witness some of them! lol.  They had so much fun together.

I actually made it out kayaking, yay me! Look at my not so little baby bump! Lol I saw this pic and was like, woah!!! Huge! Clothes definitely makes it seem smaller!

Then back home.  I fell asleep in the car and didn't get up till... well, just a few hours ago! Now time to go entertain these boys for the rest of the day!!  Hope you are all having a great holiday as well!!

We have an ultrasound in the morning, so exciting! Can't wait to see Baby Benham again!!!

Speaking of excitement, did I mention that about a month ago I got Taylor Swift tickets??? AHHHHHHHH!!! It is just sinking in now because it is less than a month now, I am SO excited! I absolutely LOVE her music and know every word to every song.  And who has the pleasure of coming with me you ask?? JOHN!! lol.  He's such a trooper and I love him!

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