Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's a...

It is always so exciting finding out what the baby is.  2 weeks ago we went to a specialist for a detailed ultra sound (I had high pregnancy hormone so the doctor said it wouldn't hurt).  What pregnant woman turns down an ultra sound??
So we asked the boys if they wanted to come and they of course said, sure! They were mesmerized watching her move all around, so were we, a sweet day.  We had a few more weeks before out actual ultra sound that determines the sex, but the ultra sound tech told us on that day!! A great surprise.  The boys originally wanted a brother (they don't like girls apparently) but were immediately in awe at the news.

We were trying to wait till the official ultrasound, but I could not wait any longer even though it's just around the corner.  Once I got the pics from the shoot I couldn't wait any longer.

The boys had fun putting together this little comic, anything for their little sister. =)

Got to work with a fabulous photographer, he really understood my vision and brought it to life.  We shot together almost 2 years ago, he is obviously very versatile, here's a pic from the original shoot with him.

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