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When Questions Get Tricky.

Me, being the genius I am, decided that I am going to jam pack the boys summer with things to do.  I heard an interview once where a successful woman was asked how did she remain motivated (or something along the lines of that).  Her response was pretty cool to me, "Because when I was a kid my parents always had me involved in things so doing nothing doesn't feel right."  Since I want smart, caring successful boys I have tried to keep them moving.  Turns out it is I that cannot keep up with this as well as I thought I could (so much for my theory of having kids young so I have the energy to keep up with them).

Sunday was a scout event at the Gwinett Braves game.  Being the Super Mom I am I arrived well early to be there for the Q&A and the parade.  Game started at 2pm, I show up at 11:30am for a long hot 95 degree day in the sun. If you look carefully at the pics below you can see our misery.

We left the game early, just couldn't take the heat.  I of course fell asleep in the car along with the kids, John's a trooper. =)

So here comes Monday. Ahhh, I love the sound of Monday.  The day when the kids go back to camp and I can fold laundry while watching Netflix documentaries, peacefully tidy the house. WRONG.  That was not in store for me.  Instead I take Kaiden to ultra cool Camp All American.  Probably the coolest most TV like thing I have seen in this country.  Welcomed at the front doors by a full on band playing music.  Kaiden went swimming, rock climbing and played soccer.  SO here I am thinking, oh, he is SO going to bed early tonight.  I then did running around all day with John, then before you know it, it was time to pick up the boys again.  Took them to see their counsin since my Uncle, Aunt and cousin are in town.

Rush from there to go home to prep dinner, then out again to karate.

Rush home after karate, cook up some curry shrimp.
Now, at last, is time for a quiet candle lit hot bath.  When I come out its time to put the kids to bed at last.  I'm sitting on my bed Kaiden comes in snuggles up and we start talking. This is the part this blog is leading up to.  No way you think I could finish the evening peacefully, not off the hook yet.  Somehow we ended up having part1 of "The Talk".  I was freaking out in my head, but being calm and collected with Kaiden.  I am the type of parent that Thinks that every body part should be talked about the same, as well as every bodily function.  Most parents don't teach their children about sex, which I don't get, because if you aren't teaching them, who is?! Scary thought, I'd rather it come from me.  He was confused at why his is called a penis and girls have vaginas.  I just told him that it is what makes a boy a boy and a girl a girl because all our other parts have the same name such as an eye, and arm etc.  The conversation got very carried away but I taught him about being 12 and going through puberty, hair, sperm, pregnancy.  He kept saying, "I don't get it" and wanted more detail.  He was somewhat satisfied with, when you are married and you love a woman and you lay next to her, if you truly love her a baby will start to form and grow.  What next does he ask? "Does it hurt?" "No honey, it doesn't hurt, if you truly love her, it will feel good.  Does peeing feel good." Big smile, "Yes! Especially when you really have to go." "Exactly!!!!!!" Hahaha  Then he was ready for bed.  I love the innocence of children.  I love teaching my children.  I am happy that Kaiden gets to learn this from me.  I do not want him to be a sexually oppressed adult, or think that certain parts of their body carry shame.  I want them both to be healthy is all aspects of their lives.


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